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The School of Environment Science and Management (SESAM) was established in 1977 in response to the country’s move to address the pressing concern of environmental degradation through instruction, research, and public service. SESAM envisions to be the center of excellence in the fields of environmental science and environmental management, consistent with the aspirations of the Filipino people, in a manner that fully respects the limits of nature.

SESAM creates a platform for convergence and consolidation of university-wide efforts to develop and offer higher academic degrees on environmental science and management. It brings together a wide variety of expertise in the University and other sectors of civil society to pursue scientific investigation on the environment. It also complements and enhances the existing human resource and program strengths of the University to offer technical services that promote the sustainable management of the environmental resources. Moreover it engages in active science, policy, and community dialogues/fora to ensure that science becomes a significant input to sustainable development. 

Degree Programs


MS in Environmental Science.This is a holistic and integrative program that incorporates contemporary thinking on the relationship between nature and human society and how the relationship is influenced by factors such as local, national, and global policies and structures, modes of productions and others.

PhD in Environmental Science.This is a university-wide, interdisciplinary program focusing on theoretical and methodological issues in environmental science and management. It addresses the need for human resource who have the ability to integrate biophysical, social and cultural information in analysing and resolving environmental problems. 

Research and Extension Programs

The R&E programs of SESAM adopt a framework called “Environmental Conservation, Protection and Restoration/Rehabilitation” (EnviCPR) focusing on the following concerns: (a) Climate Change and Human Aggravated Natural Disasters, (b) Ecosystem Fragmentation and Biodiversity, (c) Aquatic and Water Resources Systems Protection, (d) Agro-Industrial Ecology, (e) Land Degradation and Rehabilitation, and (f) Cross-cutting issues such as risk assessment, environmental education, information, education and communication programs , environmental ethics and advocacy, policy and economic concerns.


SESAM boasts of a simulation laboratory, analytical laboratory, library, and an audio-visual room that contains environmental science and management information system.

Major Contributions and Achievements

The school in 2016 was awarded by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as Center of Excellence (COE) in environmental science. SESAM produces the Journal of Environmental Science and Management, a semi-annual ISI-accredited scientific journal that features research articles, theoretical/ conceptual papers, discussion papers, book reviews, and theses abstracts on a wide range of environmental topics and issues. It features local and foreign scholarly work on environmental science and management.

Contact Information

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