University of the Philippines Los Baños

Public service underpins everything that we do in UPLB.

Our curricular programs strive to develop critical thinking, community involvement, and voluntarism among our students.

We want them to appreciate their roles as future harbingers of progress and inclusive development. We want them to be imbued with the mind of a leader and the heart of a servant so that they may become servant-leaders for the country.

Aptly wrapped up by a writer from one of our colleges: “People who have served through voluntarism – not only in times of war or tragedy, but in the everyday exigencies of life – probably have the strongest of hearts. To serve without expecting anything in return requires a strong heart. It is in voluntarism that we experience and overcome many challenges and learn the real meaning of being scholars for the country.”

The University has promoted among the people deeper and widespread understanding of current and future challenges facing humanity and a culture of proactive involvement and participation in processes and activities toward self-realization and empowerment to chart their own development and progress.

Our programs (Pahinungod and of the UP system’s Padayon) have brought our volunteers, staff, and students alike, to almost all provinces in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

We provide bridge study programs for elementary and high school students, teachers, as well as out-of-school youth. These voluntarism programs also provide technical assistance and life-changing technologies and information to help solve problems in agriculture and food security, natural resources, and the environment.

We serve as technical consultants, advisors, coordinators, teachers, and facilitators of development programs - starting at marginalized communities. We are also contributing into policymaking in practically every field that can engender social change.

This culture of service in our students, staff, and faculty members is exemplified by the lifework of one of our eminent professors, Dr. Romulo Davide, who won the 2012 Magsaysay Award in Public Service (also known as Asia’s Nobel Peace Prize).