University of the Philippines Los Baños

UPLB is open to collaborative programs on research and development by virtue of its being a National University. It can develop, in coordination with partner agencies and organizations, RDE programs that will further national development and promote the welfare of Filipino people.

Through these collaborations, the university will be able to share its expertise, facilities and equipment in the pursuit of science, knowledge and technology generation. UPLB will also become directly involved in projects that quickly redound to operational success.

Meanwhile, the university will be able to benefit from these local and international partnerships in terms of grant and revenue generation, transfer of technology, and the upgrading of capabilities of faculty and staff.

All collaborative programs on research are covered by a Memorandum of Understanding and implemented through a Memorandum of Agreement that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

We are on track on making sure that our technologies reach their intended clientele. We are actively pursuing partnerships with the private sector through various modes.

One of these modes is through technology incubation. We operate our own Science and Technology Park that is supported by an agri-biotechnology and ICT business incubator.

Our S&T park covers 72 hectares of land for experimental farms, greenhouses and other physical developments. Managing the park is our UPLB Center for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship which can provide, aside from facilities and office spaces, services supportive of a conducive, innovative business environment.