University of the Philippines Los Baños

Student Exchange

The University has ties with several institutions abroad where interested students of good academic standing may spend a semester or two to take courses for credit to his or her program at UPLB. Likewise, students from partner universities may study at UPLB as exchange students.

Student exchanges are covered by agreements which usually include exemption from payment of tuition fees. All other expenses like airfare, accommodation, living allowance, health insurance, local travel and visa processing are borne by the exchange students. In some cases, however, some partner institutions provide financial assistance to UPLB students to cover some of these items.

Study Visits

Interested students may also visit partner institutions abroad for shorter periods and without having to take courses that can be credited towards their degree program at UPLB. Such visits enable our students to experience living in another country and learn about other cultures while under the care and supervision of a partner institution. All costs are borne by the students.


UPLB provides a nurturing scientific environment for interested and qualified high school, university or graduate students, from within UPLB or outside institutions. Research, academic and even administrative units at UPLB may accept student interns or on-the-job trainees.

A student who wishes to apply as intern at a UPLB unit should provide a formal request from his/her school or college addressed to the head of the unit. The request shall include the expected output and duration of his/her internship.

Research interns are usually accepted on a competitive basis and are required to deliver outputs and not just perform routine laboratory work.

UPLB students may also conduct their thesis experiments in some of UPLB’s partner institutions abroad. Acceptance of a foreign adviser is a requirement for such and which is usually arranged by the students’ thesis advisers at UPLB.

For additional information on student exchange, study visit and internship, visit the Office of Institutional Linkages (next to the UPLB Graduate School) at the Faustino T. Orillo Hall (formerly known as the International House)