University of the Philippines Los Baños

We are working towards a safer and more secure campus because the welfare of our constituents of our utmost concern.

We have beefed up our core police manpower with a Community Support Brigade consisting of about 20 warm bodies. Additionally, we have contracted the services of private security agency to look after our buildings and facilities.

Students, faculty and staff and university visitors should be pleased to know that inside the campus, particularly in strategic and populated areas, there are numerous CCTVs installed. These wireless surveillance systems enable us to monitor activities inside the campus and some areas immediately outside the campus gates.

However, we strictly encourage all students to adhere to the curfew hour, which start at 10:00 PM, so that the possibility that they might fall into bad circumstances are lessened.

We implement a sticker gate pass which are applied for a nominal fee. Visitors with vehicles are required to temporarily surrender their driver's licenses to gate security personnel as a requirement for their gate pass. Public utility jeepney drivers are also required to display their IDs. Students, faculty and staff are also required to wear their UPLB identification cards at all times when inside the campus.

Our police force and support brigade collaborate with security personnel of the peripheral barangays, and of course, with the municipality of Los Baños. Some of our police are deputized by the Land Transportation Office and are empowered to confiscate licenses of erring vehicle owners and drivers who violate rules on proper loading and unloading, parking, driving speed and others.

They enforce on-campus policies such as anti-littering, anti-loitering, anti-smoking, wearing of IDs, and traffic regulations and other rules. Campus Support Brigade members have the responsibility to apprehend and facilitate the fining of violators of people caught smoking inside buildings and public and private conveyances passing through any area in the campus. They are also in-charge of preventing ambulant vendors, street children and scavengers from roaming inside the campus.