University of the Philippines Los Baños

The university has 11 dormitories for its students. These accommodations are situated in different parts of the university; some of which were built within the vicinity of colleges.

The abundance of nature is what makes these dormitories conducive not only for studying but also for recreational activities.

While most of these dormitories are open to any UPLB student, some are used to accommodate a more specific group of students. The International House is home to graduate students from different parts of the world. Moreover, this housing is also used as guest rooms for visitors and transients.

The Women’s Residence Hall is exclusive to female UPLB students. The Men’s Residence Hall used to be exclusive for male UPLB students but now houses female undergraduates as well. The New Dormitory was primarily built for Freshmen students. Each dormitory has facilities both for studying and recreation.

The university also operates several guesthouses for special guests, alumni and interest groups. There is the UPLB Executive Guest House, the UPLB Alumni Center and Obdulia Sison Hall (formerly the Continuing Education Center). Some of the dormitories can also accommodate transient guests, specially during off-peak seasons and student vacation periods.

The university also provides housing for its faculty and staff as a privilege and not as a right within the limits of its resources. Housing units are available for married and single academic/ administrative staff.

A number of hotels, bed and breakfast inns and resorts are in Los Baños which visitors and friends can choose to stay in when they go to the campus for business or leisure.