University of the Philippines Los Baños

A vibrant arts and culture community provides an interesting dimension to life in UPLB.

Theater, in particular, has become a medium through which science and technology is promoted and is made easier to appreciate.

Possibly because the campus is perfect for communing with their muses, UPLB is home to many groups and individuals whose passion are in the arts like visual arts, poetry, and other literary forms, theater, and dance.

An office to promote culture and arts awareness, not only here in UPLB but also in the Southern Luzon region had been established in 2007.

UPLB proudly houses the Sining Makiling Art Gallery as well as many performance venues, the better for arts to find expression and be appreciated by the regular UPLB habitué.

The campus is also the first university in the country to put up a sculpture garden, where creations such of resident artist Junyee has been installed.

Several arts groups exist in the campus, and they dabble in visual arts such as painting, photography and animation; performing arts such as choral singing, dancing, and classical music and pop-rock performances; and many more.

Film buffs can catch noteworthy movies which our student film-critics sponsor at various venues, while organizations stage periodic concerts in venues such as the DL Umali Hall, Baker Hall, and Seniors' Social Garden.

Places in adjacent provinces (e.g., Angono, Paete) provide a refuge to artists whose passion is in pottery, in producing fine quality embroidery, sculpture, and many more.

Just a few minutes trek up the foothills of Mt. Makiling lives a community of high school students and scholars gifted in the arts who regularly stage performances or exhibits for the community.