University of the Philippines Los Baños

UPLAW 0130

If there is one thing that could aptly describe Giselle P. Hernandez, she is a woman who does not shy away from challenge. Her courage and determination paid off when, with a rating of 86.10%, she ranked sixth in the 2015 Philippine bar examination.

Giselle is a UPLB alumna, BA Communication Arts class 2005, cum laude. She taught English subjects at the Department of Humanities from 2005 to 2010 before studying at the UP College of Law.

According to her, she credits UPLB as fundamental to her law studies. “UPLB taught me to embrace who I am and to have confidence in my capabilities.  UPLB helped me develop my self-confidence and communication skills, both of which are important to me in my career as a future lawyer.”

Studying law was wrought with challenges, she said. Most of her time was devoted to reading and though she was an eager learner, she was not exempted from stress. She told of how she experienced the much-feared terror tactics of law professors in UP Diliman. “I cried after one of my professors took me to task for my terrible recitation in his class,” she said. However, she was quick to acknowledge that she was at fault for coming to class unprepared. She now says that the professor is one of her favorite professors.

Giselle persevered in her studies. She realized that she could be a good law student if she chose to, and thus, pushed herself to become even better. “I refuse to shortchange myself,” Giselle said.  She made the most of her time and supplemented her studies with experience from work as a legal researcher at the Department of Agrarian Reform and, later on, at the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process.

Law school was tough but Giselle found a way to make it fun. She made many friends and became part of UP Portia Sorority. She was also a volunteer of the UP Law Bar Operations Commission. At the end of law school, she triumphantly declared that it was all worth all the challenges and tears.

Giselle is delighted to reap the benefits of her hard work and to celebrate her victory with her loved ones. “I was happy when I learned that I placed in the top ten, but happier because I made my family proud” she said.

Asked where she wants her legal career to take her, Giselle said, “I do wish to be the Ombudsman someday.” But for now, she just wants to learn everything there is to learn about the practice of law, especially those that are not taught in law school.  She is now working for a firm that offers excellent training to young and future lawyers.

With each challenge that she courageously faces up to with grit and determination, Giselle is certain to go places and have a successful career.