University of the Philippines Los Baños


World renowned conservation biologist  Professor Eberhard Curio to deliver lectures in IBS – CAS,  UPLB


Visiting Professor Eberhard Curio, from Ruhr University Bochum (retired), and well known for his work on preserving endangered species,  will deliver a series of lectures from 16 to 27 March 2015, on conservation biology at the Institute of  Biological Sciences,  College of Arts and Sciences,  in UPLB. 

Prof. Curio has done extensive scientific research on endangered specieis such as the hornbill Visayan writhed-billed hornbill (Aceros waldeni; local names: dulungan, kalaw) in the deep mountains of Sibaliw, Northern Panay where he spent more than 20 years doing research. He is also instrumental in discovering new species of flora and fauna such as freshwater and arboreal crabs; and a rainforest landhopper Curiotalitrus curioi.

He will deliver a series of lectures in selected biology classes on topics such as:   

Principles of population ecology;

Principles of behavioral ecology;



Optimal foraging theory;

Parental care;

Mutualism (seed dispersal, pollination and others);

Predator – prey relationships;

Sexual selection; operational sex ratio;

Female mating strategies;

Speciation (multiplication of species); and

Life history theory — principles and selected topics.

Researchers and graduate students working on their dissertations and publications could also consult with Prof. Eberhard Curio,  subject to his time availability from 16 to 27 March 2015.

For interested participants please contact  the IBS through the following: 

IBS – CAS UPLB  official email addresses:

IBS – CAS UPLB telefax number: (049) 536-2893

For more information about the scientific work of Prof Curio, please visit the Panay Eco-Conservation website