University of the Philippines Los Baños

The Department of Community and Environmental Resource Planning aims to be a leading institution that provides high quality education, research, and public service in human settlements planning towards sustainable development. This vision is realized by educating environmental planning professional with holistic and interdisciplinary perspectives, generating knowledge in situational analysis, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development plans and by providing technical assistance to various institutions.

Some of the courses offered in the department are:

  • Humans and Their Environment
  • Fundamentals of Human Settlements
  • Human Ecological Perspectives in Development
  • Material and Energy Flows
  • Land Use Planning for Human Settlements
  • Fundamentals of Environmental Economics
  • Geomatics in Human Ecological Studies: Practical Application to Settlements Planning
  • Research Methods in Human Ecology
  • Environmental Health
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Environmental Project Planning and Administration
  • Planning Theory and Practice
  • Planning Tools and Techniques
  • Casework-based Planning Exercise
  • Supervised Field Experience

These courses are taught by a set of diverse faculty members specializing in the following fields:

  • Human Settlements Planning
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Land Use Planning
  • Agriculture & Development
  • Heritage Conservation Studies
  • Agricultural Resource Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Project Evaluation and Implementation
  • Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing
  • Environmental Planning
  • Community Development
  • Environmental Education
  • Geodesy
  • International Cooperation and Urban Development
  • Environmental Engineering


DCERP’s flagship public service program is called TAP-HSP or Technical Assistance Program on Human Settlements Planning.  TAP-HSP is an avenue for the department to mobilize its faculty, students and even its alumni to “serve the people”. For one, new graduates of BS Human Ecology major in Human Settlements Planning will gain working experience in the field of planning profession through its Young Planners Mentoring (YPM) component where the department engages with planning agencies such as the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) or directly to agency clients like a local government unit (province/city/municipality) to undertake specific planning requirements (i.e. ecological profiling, Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment). DCERP faculty and alumni mentors the new graduates while being hired by the partner agencies. TAP-HSP also extend its services in the community through its Consultancy Services component (via the UPLB Foundation Inc.) such as in preparing an updating Comprehensive Land Use Plans and its related Zoning Ordinances, and the Comprehensive Development Plans. Its Capacity Development component offers short courses on environmental planning (SCEnP) and geographic information system (GIS), among others. Through the SCEnP, the Department has produced to date 100 new licensed environmental planners in the country, and two CHE alumni who landed Top 1 and Top 2 in their respective licensure examinations.