University of the Philippines Los Baños

UPLB is a university known for its numerous contributions to science, so much so that UPLB has become the go-to institution when it comes to scientific know-how. This has been ingrained in UPLB’s image for as long as we can remember.

However, within the walls of UPLB lie gems in the field of the arts. Artists inspired by the refreshing environment of Mt. Makiling thrive within the University. If you are an arts enthusiast and frequenter of exhibits and plays in campus, chances are you have encountered the ‘artsier’ side of the UPLB crowd. Among these gems, none probably shines brighter than Prof. Layeta P. Bucoy, associate professor V at the Department of Humanities of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

Teaching full time does not seem to slow her down; she manages to write at least one play per semester. In addition, her plays have been part of the Virgin Labfest – an annual showcase of new plays that have not been run or entered in any competition.

Prof. Bucoy has been awarded the prestigious Palanca Award for Literature many times and in multiple categories for works such as the “Ang Repleksyon ni Miss Trajano (2nd place, Teleplay category, 1998), El Galeon de Simeon (2nd place, Dulang May Isang Yugto category, 2011), and Doc Resurreccion: Gagamutin ang Bayan (1st place, Dulang May IsangYugto category, 2009).

For her productivity in the arts and theater, she was named UP Artist II under the UP Arts Productivity System in August 2013 in the literary arts category. She is the sole UPLB faculty to have been given this distinction. The UP Arts Productivity System is the counterpart for the arts of the UP Scientific Productivity System, approved by the Board of Regents (BOR) at its 1239th meeting in 2008. The award recognizes “outstanding productivity in the creative arts or in arts scholarship for national development.”

Prof. Bucoy is a member of Writer’s Bloc and Tokyo’s Rinkogun Theater’s Philippine Bedtime Stories. She was also part of the Indonesia Public Reading Festival in 2010, the Za-Koenji Public Theater’s 1st Asian Playwrights Conference, and the Melbourne’s Art Centre’s Asian Playwrights Public Reading.

Recently, she launched another one of her plays, Kleptomaniacs. This play was shown at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) on July 11, 2014. Kleptomaniacs puts a spin on the standard musical format and throws rap, fliptop, and other pop culture elements into the mix and comes up with something unique – a mix that can only be conceived in the playful mind of Prof. Layeta P. Bucoy.